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UV and Sunless Tanning Services

UV Tanning

Do you love that “just in from the beach” look? Maybe you just want to warm up and relax with some of your favorite music. The aspects of indoor tanning that you enjoy most are waiting for you in our complete line of high-quality tanning systems.

We have a full range of equipment, from 20-minute beds to quick and powerful 12-minute beds; high-pressure facials or no facial at all.

Sunless Tanning

Mystic Tanning is the industry leader in sunless tanning offers the latest in sunless tanning technology to provide a beautiful-looking tan in only seconds with no UV exposure at all.

Patented micro-spray technology uses the human body’s magnetic properties to deliver full, even coverage that quickly darkens to a rich, natural-looking tan and looks great all week. Aloe Vera, the primary micro-spray ingredient, is a natural moisturizer that softens skin, fights wrinkles and helps prolong your UV-free tan. And DHA, the active micro-spray ingredient, has been used in popular self-tanning lotions for more than three decades.

Think of it as a gentle spray car wash for your body. In just minutes, you’re bronze and beautiful with a natural-looking tan. Just towel off and go. www.mystictan.com

Tanning Prices

Regular Beds

Super Beds

12 Minute Beds