Tanning Frequently Asked Questions

Certain skin types cannot tan, but anybody can get a beautiful golden-tan look with our sunless tanning system. Our tanning professionals can help you determine the type of tanning best suited to your skin type. The six basic skin types are:

  1. Skin type: Always burns, never tans
  2. Skin type: Burns easily, tans slightly
  3. Skin type: Sometimes burns, tans gradually
  4. Skin type: Burns minimally, always tans well
  5. Skin type: Burns rarely, tans deeply
  6. Skin type: Almost never burns, deeply pigmented

Tanning without a lotion will deplete your skin of its much-needed moisture. Indoor tanning lotions can help stimulate the production of melanin, your skin’s natural dark pigment, so that your skin tans more quickly, gets darker and keeps its tan longer. Plus, our lotions have moisturizers that keep your skin soft and healthy. Premium lotions deliver vitamins, moisturizers, natural oils and other ingredients to revitalize the skin and encourage melanin production.

If you can’t get color from the sun, you can’t get color in a UV bed. However, our sunless tanning system can give you a natural-looking tan without any UV exposure at all.

Yes, it is required by law in most states because eyelids are not thick enough to protect your eyes from UV damage. We provide FDA-approved eyewear at no charge in each tanning room as well as clear goggles in the Mystic Rooms.

We follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for bulb replacement so that you will achieve the best results from your sessions. We typically change our bulbs when they have reached 80% of their capacity so your tan doesn’t suffer from weaker UV rays.

We use FDA-approved cleaning and disinfecting solutions after every customer’s tanning session. The store manager will be happy to show you our cleaning logs. The solution is tested daily to ensure proper sanitizing properties exist.

Nathana’s respects and enforces state regulations governing the use of tanning salons by minors, including parental consent forms and accompaniment of minors by a parent or guardian. Please phone us any questions about state regulations.