Tanning Prep & Maintenance

1. Prepare Correctly!

Day zero is just as important as day 5! Make sure to exfoliate 24 hours prior to your session. Don’t exfoliate right before hand – your skin needs the amino acids it naturally builds to create a deep, dark tan. Scrubbing these o right before your session will lessen your tan. Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing and ip ops to your session. No makeup, lotion, or deodorant, please! Immediately before your sunless session, be sure to use an eXmitt (available in store) to gently exfoliate, moisturize skin, & balance pH

2. Greatness Can’t Be Rushed

Your spray tan needs to sit on your skin for 18-24 hours before your rst warm water rinse – unless you’re using our One Hour Rapid Tan solution. If so, let your tan sit for 1 hour for a light tan and no more than 3 hours for a dark tan (waiting longer will adversely aect your color). Regardless of your solution, a warm water rinse is all that should happen for your rst shower. Don’t rough that tan up with soaps, washcloths, or loofahs. Gently use your hands to rid your skin of any excess cosmetic bronzer – and don’t worry! Your tan isn’t washing down the drain, just the cosmetic bronzer. If using the Rapid Tan solution, your tan will continue to darken for up to 24 hours.

3. Share the Love

Nothing helps us more than a great review online of your tan. Facebook, Google, and Instagram… please let us know how much you love your golden glow! Even better? Share your photos with us to win free products & sessions. Use the hashtag #GoldenGlow, and don’t forget to tag us #nathanas

4. Give It a Drink

The secret to a well-maintained, gorgeous tan is in healthy skin. The best thing you can do for your spray tan is use a Norvell aftercare product, such as Prolong or Boost. These products can nearly double the life of your tan. Not looking for a bronzing product? No problem! Our Body Butter will both leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and ready for that next tan.

Make sure you DON’T use a soap with sulfates! Dove and Safeguard will strip your tan immediately. Our products are sure to extend the life of your tan.

5. Schedule the Next One

When your tan has naturally faded, call to book your next session! (325) 641-2145


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